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At Trelyst, we’re out to change drug delivery. As a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), we’re harnessing the power of silicone to create revolutionary combination drug devices capable of sustained release. These devices negate the causes of non-adherence and get life-altering medications to patients who need them most.

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Designing a silicone device for optimum drug adherence.

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Customizing the silicone compound and release mechanisms.

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Supporting combination drug devices through trials and approvals.

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Getting silicone drug delivery solutions to the people who need them.

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Structured to innovate.

With its chemical degrees of freedom and mechanical flexibility, silicone is redefining drug delivery as we know it. Utilizing Trelyst’s expertise, the silicone platform can be customized to meet the sustained drug release requirements of our partners’ drug or biologic.

And our team is pioneering new ways to transform silicone to meet the adherence goals of our pharmaceutic and biologic partners. With our integrated development solution, we’ve accelerated the entire combination drug device creation process from start to finish.

Here's how our solution works

Trelyst is where the boundless possibilities of the silicone trellis become the catalyst for change.

We're delivering change.

New drug compounds can solve more problems. But what good are these novel solutions if 50% of patients aren’t taking their medicines as prescribed?

We’re dedicated to helping patients adhere to the life-changing medications they need. The drug delivery devices we build take the burden of adherence off the patient, allowing our partners’ drugs to do precisely what they were created to do.

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